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Browse through our best rated and handpicked collection of royalty free Hip Hop Sample Packs available to download for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools or any other DAW. To help you create the hardest hitting Hip Hop beats, we have listed the best free Hip Hop samples and sounds from the internet and rated it through our expertise for your ease. Use these sample packs inside FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One or any DAW of your choice for free.

The secret of producing great Hip Hop beat is the selection and experiment with sounds. The evolution of Digital Music Production and access to internet for everyone has made it difficult to find good samples even if you pay a wholesome money. The internet is flooded with sample providers doing both great and crap work to lure you and take your money. We at Feralvoice, do our best to support musicians around the globe and for the same, we have made a collection/list of best free hip hop sample packs for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools or any other DAW.

Also we have a bigger list of royalty free samples packs provided by various sample makers/distributers/providers and rated through our expertise to help every aspiring musician save both their time and money. Make sure to checkout our easy to browse collection of royalty free sample packs categorized via Genres and Instruments/Sound types.
Browse our entire collection: Best Free Sample Packs and Loops Collection


Roland introduced Roland TR-808 in 1980 which was a analog machine with step sequencing/programming method. It was heavily used by Afrika Bambaataa (released “Planet Rock” in 1982). The first hip hop artist to use a digital sampler was Kurtis Blow. They used Fairlight CMI in their album “Ego Trip”(1984). “Rhymin and Stealin” by the Beastie Boys, produced by Rick Rubin was one of the earliest songs to contain a drum loop or break. Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad revolutionized the hip-hop sound with complex production styles, combining multiple (ten or more) samples per song, often percussion breaks were combined with a drum machine. Their beats were much more structured than the early repetitive beats.


Kanye West (Roc-a-Fella in-house producer) made the “chipmunk” technique popular, which had been first used by Newcleus (1980s electro hip-hop group) with songs as “Jam on It”. The technique involves speeding up a vocal sample, and also the corresponding instrumental loop, the resulting vocal sounds high-pitched, similar to the singing of cartoon singing animals “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. Kayne West adopted this style from J Dilla and the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, who were further influenced by Prince Paul, the pioneer of the style. Kanye has used the “chipmunk” effect in many of his songs, and has been used by many other artists’ in their music in the 2010s.


Sonny Digital, Mike Will Made It, Metro Boomin, WondaGurl, Zaytoven, Lex Luger, Young Chop, DJ L Beats, Tay Keith, and the birth of music producing groups such as 808Mafia, Winner’s Circle, and Internet Money.


1. Hit-Boy
2. Metro Boomin
3. Jetsonmade
4. The Alchemist
5. SethInTheKitchen
6. J. White Did It
7. Wheezy
8. Supah Mario
9. Quay Global
10. Z3n
1. OZ
2. SethInTheKitchen
4. J White Did It
5. Nick
6. The Weeknd 
7. JetsonMade
8. Wheezy
9. 30Roc


1. Skyie Beats
2. Asura
3. Vedang
4. Rebel7
5. Bharg Kale
6. Katto
7. Aniket
8. Lambo Drive
9. Xplicit
10. Abhijay Music



BPM: 85 to 115
Major Elements:
Kick & Bass (Sidechain)
Snare (Detailed, Crisp – Identifiable in the mix)
Hi-hats (Groove & Swing)
808 (Saturated)
Sampled Instruments

kick bass - FeralvoiceKICK and BASS

Not only for hip hop but for any musical genre, kick and bass plays the most prominent role to establish the rhythm. In hip hop, it is very vital to select the best samples for both your kick and bass. A general rule to make them sound great is to avoid them to clash with each other. For this, the timing of kick and bass is kept rhythmic trying not to make them overlap and find a rhythm around it. Also to make them further better and avoid any possible clashing, sidechain compressor (duck the volume of bass whenever the kick hits) is used.

Snare - FeralvoiceSNARES – Detailed, Crisp & Identifiable

After kick and bass, snares plays the vital role to establish both the rhythm and emotion of the beat. Snare can vary sound wise according to the sub-genres of hip hop, like trap beats have a hard hitting snare while lo-fi beats have a soft but detailed snare. Whatever snare you use, make sure to EQ it properly and also EQ to cut other sounds/instruments clashing with the snare. You can use saturation, distortion and bitcrushers according to taste and then can use a bit of reverb for some sub-genres and then compressor and limiters to make them more pronounced and identifiable in the mix.

hats - FeralvoiceHI-Hats & Open Hats

In modern hip hop, hi-hats can be found on the 16th note with variations of 32th and 64th notes in between to form groove. Open Hats are equally important and are placed off-beats. In addition, triplets are very widely used for Hi-hats in hip hop production.

808 - Feralvoice808 – Saturation

In modern hip hop, 808s are prominently placed to be felt around the beat. 808s are mostly made of sine wave or very low frequency and not every speakers are capable to translate them fully (for instance, your laptop speakers). That’s why saturation is used to add harmonics to achieve heavy low-end which can then be felt on every speaker. Without saturation, the sub bass, 808 or low end in general sounds weak but don’t overdo it as it may make the mix much bass heavy which can further lead to unnecessary distortion. However, a better way to do it is apply the saturation and blend it with the original sound according to taste.

Soundcheck - FeralvoiceSample Selection / Instrument Recording / Sound Designing

The mood of a Hip hop beat solely depends on the sample selected. Every other element in general is selected in support of the emotional aspect of the instrument/sample/designed sound. In general, hip hop beats are emotionally upfront, and for that, the minor scales work great. You can try different natural and harmonic minors for the start & for advancing your beats, phrygian or dorian modes also works great.

A quick trick: Japanese pentatonic scales like Akebono and Hirajōshi works great for Trap beats.
You can either record your own sessions with preferably soft pluck-ish instruments (like bells, harps, kalimba, EP) or sample any downloaded sound from packs listed below. For further advancing, you can design your own sound using free synths for that read best free synths and how to create your own sounds for free. The key for hip hop sampling is experimentation. Never hesitate to experiment with your samples to make something unique and exciting out of them. Chop, re-pitch, stretch, or use any sampler or chain of effects as well as combination of all to create something unique.


Now that you have got a good taste of Hip Hop and its aspects related to production, next let’s dive into our list of best royalty free hip hop sample packs which are handpicked and rated for you ease. This list will guide you for Best royalty free Hip Hop Sample Packs for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools or any other DAW. Make sure to Read this first before downloading and using any sample packs.


Eternity cymatics feralvoice - Feralvoice


8 Bass Guitar Samples
60+ Hip Hop Drum Loops
100+ Drum One Shots
37 Foley Samples
90+ Loops + stems
48 Vocal Samples


Skicky Sounds Hip hop toolkit Feralvoice - Feralvoice

Hip-Hop Toolkit –

150+ Samples & Loops
30 Serum Presets
3 Project Files
(Fl Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X)


Oracle cymatics feralvoice - Feralvoice


100+ Free Hip Hop Melody Loops
Multiple Stems
34 High Quality Trap 808
100 MIDI Melody Loops


Cobra cymatics feralvoice 1 - Feralvoice


29 Melody Loops
24 Guitar & Flute Loops
24 MIDI melodies
100+ Drum One Shots
50+ Trap Drum Loops
19 Trap 808s


Drip free hip hop sample pack cymatics feralvoice 1 1 - Feralvoice


30 Hip Hop Drum Loops
9 High Quality 808s
45 Drum One Shots
30 Melody Loops
20 MIDI Progressions


Astro cymatics feralvoice free sample packs and loops - Feralvoice


19 Hip Hop Drum Loops
7 High Quality 808s
40 Hip Hop Drum Samples
10 FX Samples
10 Melody Loops


808 mob cymatics feralvoice free hip hop sample packs - Feralvoice

808 MOB –

18 Hip Hop Drum Loops
17 High Quality 808s
50+ Drum One Shots
13 FX Samples
17 Melody Loops
13 Xfer Serum Presets

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