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List of Top 20 Healthcare Websites in the World 2023: Design and Statistics 

In this detailed post, we show the top 20 healthcare websites in the globe for 2023, highlighting their design aspects, functionality, and monthly traffic. Investigate the cutting-edge designs and user-friendly features of these renowned healthcare systems. 


The internet has transformed how we obtain healthcare information, making it simpler than ever to identify trustworthy sites. This article will look at the top 20 healthcare websites around the globe as of 2023. We will look at their design components, functionality, and monthly traffic to highlight the innovative features and expertise these platforms provide. 

List of Top 20 Healthcare Websites in the World 2023 


Monthly Traffic: 98.1 million visitors 

Design Elements: WebMD’s website has a clean and straightforward design that makes it easy for consumers to explore. It promotes simplicity and ease of use, making it simple to locate medical information. 

Functionalities: WebMD has a symptom checker, detailed pharmacological information, interactive tools, and a large collection of medical content. 

Mayo Clinic 

Monthly Traffic: 145.5 million visitors 

Design Elements: Mayo Clinic’s website is known for its influential and trustworthy design. It emphasizes simplicity and straightforward navigation to ensure that visitors can easily access the information they want. 

Functionalities: Mayo Clinic provides access to a wide range of medical resources, including articles, patient care information, appointment scheduling, and expert advice. 


Monthly Traffic: 55.5 million visitors 

Design Elements: MedlinePlus features a user-friendly design with a focus on accessibility. It has a comprehensive classification of medical themes and a clean style for simple access. 

Functionalities: MedlinePlus provides extensive health information, including articles, videos, and interactive tutorials. It addresses a wide spectrum of medical issues, treatments, and preventative actions. 


Monthly Traffic: 194.4 million visitors 

Design Elements: Healthline’s website features a modern and visually appealing design. It makes use of a responsive design to provide excellent viewing across devices. 

Functionalities: Healthline offers evidence-based health information, including articles, videos, and expert insights. It also includes tools for determining symptoms and locating healthcare professionals. 

Cleveland Clinic 

Monthly Traffic: 71.1 million visitors 

Design Elements: The Cleveland Clinic’s website has a clean and professional appearance. It places a premium on easy navigation and a visually appealing information display. 

Functionalities: Cleveland Clinic provides comprehensive healthcare information, including articles, appointment scheduling, and access to medical professionals. It also provides telehealth services to allow for distant consultations. 

National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Monthly Traffic: 240.2 million visitors 

Design Elements: The National Institutes of Health’s website focuses on a user-friendly design, with a clear layout and an easy-to-navigate menu. It gives visitors a visually appealing experience. 

Functionalities: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides a massive reservoir of health information, research discoveries, clinical trials, and tools to healthcare professionals and the general public. 

Verywell Health 

Monthly Traffic: 30.4 million visitors 

Design Elements: Verywell Health boasts a visually appealing and user-friendly design. Its primary goal is to convey healthcare information in a straightforward and intelligible manner. 

Functionalities: Verywell Health provides a wide range of health articles, expert advice, and user-friendly tools. It includes a wide range of health issues, such as medical problems, treatments, and healthy living advice. 


Monthly Traffic: 13.2 million visitors 

Design Elements: Healthgrades’ website features a clean and intuitive design, prioritizing easy access to healthcare information. It has a simple UI with easy navigation. 

Functionalities: Healthgrades provides a platform for finding and researching healthcare providers. It provides detailed profiles of doctors, hospitals, and clinics, as well as patient evaluations and ratings. 


Monthly Traffic: 2 million visitors 

Design Elements: The eMedicineHealth website is basic and uncomplicated, allowing users to easily access the medical information they want. It emphasizes readability and easy navigation. 

Functionalities: eMedicineHealth has an extensive collection of health articles, covering various medical conditions, treatments, and preventive measures. It provides customers with comprehensive and accurate information to help them make educated healthcare decisions. 

Psychology Today 

Monthly Traffic: 25.5 million visitors 

Design Elements: Psychology Today’s website features a modern and engaging design. It promotes an aesthetic appearance and provides simple access to information and resources. 

Functionalities: Psychology Today is a website for locating mental health specialists, articles, and information about psychology and mental health. It enables users to look for therapists depending on their area and specialization. 


Monthly Traffic: 31.1 million visitors 

Design Elements: Drugs.com has a clean and structured design that allows users to rapidly access drug information. It employs a responsive design for better viewing on various devices. 

Functionalities: Drugs.com offers a comprehensive database of drug information, including dosage, side effects, interactions, and patient reviews. It also has features for pill identification and medication interactions. 

Medical News Today 

Monthly Traffic: 84.5 million visits  

Design Elements: The website of Medical News Today has a clean and informative design that prioritizes simple access to medical news and research items. It guarantees that consumers can easily locate the most recent healthcare information. 

Functionalities: Medical News Today provides up-to-date medical news, research summaries, and expert insights. It covers a wide range of health-related issues, bringing readers up to date on the latest developments. 


Monthly Traffic: 23.2 million visitors 

Design Elements: The GoodRx website is simple and easy to use. It provides a straightforward interface via which consumers may compare prescription medicine costs and locate discounts. 

Functionalities: GoodRx provides a platform for comparing and finding the best prices for prescription medications. It also provides coupons and money-saving advice to help consumers save money on their healthcare costs. 


Monthly Traffic: 5 million visitors 

Design Elements: RxList’s website is simple and focused on giving accurate medication information. It has simple navigation and a large drug database. 

Functionalities: RxList provides detailed and up-to-date drug information, including dosage, side effects, interactions, and patient reviews. It assists users in making educated drug selections. 

Cancer.org | American Cancer Society 

Monthly Traffic: 7.3 million visitors 

Design Elements: The American Cancer Society’s website is simple and informative. Its primary mission is to provide educational information and assistance to cancer patients and their families. 

Functionalities: The American Cancer Society offers a wealth of information on cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and support services. It gives patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals access to resources. 


Monthly Traffic: 9.2 million visitors 

Design Elements: The Mount Sinai Health System website is professional and visually attractive. It places a premium on simple access to healthcare services, resources, and patient portals. 

Functionalities: Mount Sinai Health System offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including patient care information, appointment scheduling, and access to medical records. It also offers instructional materials for various health conditions. 

Merck Manuals 

Monthly Traffic: 4.2 million visitors 

Design Elements: Merck Manuals’ website has a clean and organized design, offering easy access to medical information. It prioritizes readability and enables easy access to various areas. 

Functionalities: Merck Manuals provides authoritative medical information, including professional and consumer versions of its manuals. It addresses a broad spectrum of medical diseases, treatments, and procedures. 


Monthly Traffic: 3.8 million visitors 

Design Elements: Health.com features a visually appealing design that focuses on presenting health and wellness content in an engaging manner. It has a user-friendly UI and simple navigation. 

Functionalities: Health.com offers articles, videos, and expert advice on a variety of health issues, such as exercise, nutrition, and mental health. It provides insights and suggestions for living a healthy lifestyle. 

NIH Office of Dietary Supplements 

Monthly Traffic: 3 million visitors 

Design Elements: The NIH Office of Dietary Supplements’ website has a clean and informative design, providing easy access to research-based dietary supplement information. It stresses readability and clarity. 

Functionalities: The National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements provides evidence-based information on dietary supplements, such as health benefits, safety issues, and suggested doses. It is a trustworthy resource for both consumers and healthcare professionals. 

World Health Organization (WHO) 

Monthly Traffic: 24 million visitors 

Design Elements: The World Health Organization’s website features a professional and authoritative design. It focuses on providing up-to-date global health information and resources in an understandable and accessible fashion. 

Functionalities: The World Health Organization provides comprehensive information on global health issues, emergencies, disease outbreaks, and public health policies. It is a valuable resource for healthcare providers, legislators, and the general public.

frequently asked questions (FAQs).

1. How were these top 20 healthcare websites selected? 

The popularity, relevancy, and user happiness of these top 20 healthcare websites were considered. Comprehensive study and analysis of different criteria, such as website traffic, design features, and functionality, were conducted. 

2. Are these websites available worldwide? 

Absolutely, these websites are available worldwide. People from all over the world may now easily access healthcare information and resources thanks to the internet.

3. Can I rely on the information on these websites? 

Absolutely, the websites on this list are reliable sources of medical information. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to get individualized advice and information from healthcare specialists regarding your unique health issues. 

4. Are these websites free to use? 

The majority of the websites on this list provide free access to their core features and content. Yet, some may provide additional premium services or content that require a membership or purchase. 

5. Can I depend on the medical advice offered on these websites?

While these websites provide vital healthcare information, it is critical to speak with competent healthcare providers for appropriate medical advice customized to your specific circumstances. These websites help supplement your understanding of health-related issues. 

6. Can I use these websites to make appointments or receive telehealth services?

Some of the websites on this list include services such as appointment booking and telemedicine. Nevertheless, availability may differ based on the website and the healthcare professionals linked to it. It is advised that you visit the different websites for further information on the services they offer.


The top 20 healthcare websites around the globe for 2023 are on the cutting edge of offering trustworthy and easily accessible healthcare information. These platforms, with their user-friendly designs, vast functionality, and millions of monthly users, enable consumers to make educated health decisions. These websites provide useful tools to help your healthcare journey, whether you’re looking for medical advice, researching therapies, or finding healthcare providers. 

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