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Top 10 Helpdesk Software in 2023.[Best Buyer’s Guide] 

Are you looking for the top ten helpdesk software in 2023? To identify the finest alternatives available, read this detailed buyer’s guide. We’ve got you covered on everything from features to cost. 


Client assistance is critical in today’s fast-paced corporate world for assuring client happiness and retention. Helpdesk software has evolved into an essential tool for firms looking to optimize their customer support operations and deliver efficient help. With so many alternatives on the market, selecting the best helpdesk software may be difficult. Not to worry! We provide the top 10 helpdesk software of 2023 in this post to assist you make an informed selection. 

1. Zendesk

Features and Advantages 

Zendesk is a well-known helpdesk software that provides a full range of tools to improve customer service. Zendesk’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive ticketing system enable businesses to easily manage consumer inquiries. It includes functions such as automatic ticket routing, knowledge base administration, and real-time chat assistance. Furthermore, Zendesk offers sophisticated analytics and reporting options to assist organizations in monitoring their support performance. 

Pricing Alternatives 

Zendesk offers a variety of pricing options to meet the demands of diverse businesses. Support, Chat, Talk, and Explore are among the plans available. Pricing is determined by the number of agents and the features chosen. Please visit Zendesk’s official website for more details on pricing. 

Capabilities for Integration 

Zendesk effectively connects with major platforms like Salesforce, Jira, Slack, and others. Businesses may now centralize their customer support operations and increase efficiency. The variety of connectors enables a seamless workflow and effective team cooperation. 

2. Freshdesk

User-Friendly UI 

Freshdesk distinguishes itself with a user-friendly UI that makes it simple for both agents and clients to navigate. The simple design decreases the learning curve, allowing enterprises to get up and running quickly. Its aesthetically appealing dashboard gives a thorough overview of support activities, guaranteeing effective ticket management. 

Ticket Management Software 

Freshdesk provides a robust ticketing solution that streamlines ticket handling for agents. It gives agents the ability to categorize, prioritize, and allocate tickets depending on their urgency and complexity. Freshdesk enables simplified support procedures by using custom workflows and automation. 

AI and automation features 

To improve support productivity, Freshdesk includes automation and AI capabilities. It automates basic operations like ticket routing and answers, freeing up operators to handle more difficult situations. Chatbots enabled by AI provide self-service options, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction. 

3. ServiceNow 

Enterprise-Level Helpdesk Software 

ServiceNow is enterprise-grade helpdesk software designed for large organizations. It provides a wide range of tools for efficiently managing and resolving client complaints. The ticketing system used by ServiceNow guarantees that all customer inquiries are logged and resolved as soon as possible. It enables enterprises to maintain high service levels by providing a centralized platform for incident management, problem management, and change management. 

Escalation and incident management 

ServiceNow specializes in incident management, offering a systematic method for dealing with and resolving customer concerns. Businesses may use it to track problems, assign them to the right agents, and escalate them as needed. The programme also enables team cooperation, guaranteeing clear communication throughout incident response. 

ITIL Framework Assistance 

ServiceNow is built on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) best practices. It adheres to industry-standard protocols and workflows, making it an excellent solution for ITIL-compliant organizations. Businesses may use ServiceNow to ensure effective service delivery, enhance problem management, and maintain a dependable IT infrastructure. 

4. Salesforce Service Cloud 

Support via all channels 

Salesforce Service Cloud provides omnichannel assistance, allowing organizations to effortlessly communicate with consumers across numerous channels. Salesforce Service Cloud consolidates all client interactions into a cohesive platform, whether by email, phone, social media, or live chat. Customers will have consistent and personalized service experiences as a result of this. 

Self-Service and Knowledge Base Options 

Salesforce Service Cloud’s knowledge base capability provides clients with self-service capabilities. To assist consumers in finding answers to frequent issues, businesses might establish a complete knowledge base including articles, FAQs, and tutorials. Businesses may minimize support ticket counts and enhance customer satisfaction by offering self-service solutions. 

Case Administration 

Case management in Salesforce Service Cloud enables enterprises to effectively monitor and handle client situations. It gives you a comprehensive picture of your customers’ interactions, including their history, preferences, and past support queries. This detailed data helps agents to deliver personalized and efficient client service. 

5. Jira Service Administration 

ITSM Agile Solution 

Jira Service Management is a robust helpdesk application that combines IT service management (ITSM) with agile project management features. It enables companies to connect their support operations with agile processes, resulting in rapid and efficient issue resolution. Businesses may use Jira Service Management to create and manage tasks, track progress, and interact efficiently across teams. 

Analytics and Advanced Reporting 

Jira Service Management has extensive reporting and analytics capabilities that provide organizations with useful insights into their support operations. It allows organizations to measure crucial data like ticket response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction ratings. These insights assist companies in identifying areas for improvement and making data-driven decisions. 

Asset Administration 

Jira Service Management offers asset management features, enabling enterprises to easily track and manage their IT assets. It gives enterprises information into the state, location, and ownership of assets, allowing them to maximize asset utilization and minimize downtime. Businesses may ensure smooth operations and increased productivity by efficiently managing assets. 

6. Intercom 

Platform for Live Chat and Messaging 

Intercom is a well-known helpdesk software that specializes in live chat and messaging. It lets companies interact with consumers in real time, giving immediate support and help. The live chat function of Intercom enables businesses to engage in proactive dialogues with website visitors, answering their questions and leading them along the customer journey. 

Conversational AI Functions 

Intercom uses conversational AI technologies like chatbots and automated messaging to improve customer service. Chatbots may address routine questions and give self-service choices, freeing up agents’ time to handle more difficult situations. Businesses may use automated messaging to provide personalized messages to consumers depending on their behavior and activities. 

Segmenting Customers 

The customer segmentation features of Intercom enable organizations to provide targeted and personalized support experiences. Businesses may personalize their support interactions to certain client segments by segmenting them based on various variables such as demographics, purchasing history, or engagement level. This guarantees that clients obtain pertinent information and help, thus increasing customer satisfaction. 

7. Freshservice 

ITIL-Compatible Service Desk 

Freshservice is a service desk software that is ITIL-ready and focused on IT support management. It includes incident management, issue management, change management, and asset management among other ITSM capabilities. Freshservice assists organizations in streamlining their IT support processes and ensuring consistent service delivery. 

Management of Change and Release 

Freshservice provides strong change and release management capabilities, enabling enterprises to successfully manage changes to their IT infrastructure. It establishes a defined procedure for seeking, authorizing, and executing changes, hence reducing the chance of interruption. Freshservice’s change management capabilities assist firms in maintaining stability while implementing critical upgrades or changes. 

Asset and Problem Management 

The problem management component of Freshservice assists firms in identifying and addressing the fundamental causes of recurring occurrences. It helps firms to explore and fix underlying issues, resulting in fewer support requests and less consumer impact. Furthermore, Freshservice’s asset management features guarantee that firms can track and manage their IT assets properly, enhancing overall efficiency. 

8. LiveAgent 

Support for Multiple Channels 

LiveAgent provides multi-channel assistance, allowing organizations to manage client enquiries received by email, live chat, phone, and social media. All client contacts are consolidated into a single inbox, simplifying ticket management and assuring timely answers. LiveAgent’s multi-channel support enables organizations to provide a consistent and seamless support experience. 

Timekeeping and billing 

LiveAgent contains time tracking and billing options, which are very useful for firms who provide hourly help. It allows organizations to precisely measure the time spent on client contacts and produce invoices based on that information. This feature assures billing transparency and assists organizations in optimizing resource utilization. 

Agents’ Gamification 

Gamification components are used in LiveAgent to inspire and engage support agents. It implements challenges, leaderboards, and prizes to promote healthy competition and to recognise agents’ accomplishments. Gamification increases agent productivity and morale, which leads to better customer service and satisfaction. 

9. Kayako 

Mapping the Customer Journey 

Kayako’s customer journey mapping features enable organizations to see and comprehend the customer’s experience across touchpoints. It assists organizations in identifying pain spots, areas for improvement, and ways to improve consumer happiness. Businesses may coordinate their support initiatives and provide a uniform and smooth experience by mapping the client journey. 

Social Media Inclusion 

Kayako works with social media networks to help businesses monitor and respond to consumer enquiries and remarks. It integrates social media interactions into helpdesk software, guaranteeing that no customer communication is missed. Social media integration allows firms to keep an active presence and respond to client problems quickly. 

Surveys of Customer Satisfaction 

Kayako enables businesses to collect client feedback through customer satisfaction surveys. Businesses can send automatic surveys to consumers after resolving a problem, collecting feedback on the support experience. These surveys give significant insights into consumer satisfaction levels and assist organizations in identifying areas for development. 

10. Help Scout 

Email-Based Support 

Help Scout specializes in email-based help desk solutions, giving organizations a simplified way to manage client issues via email. It provides a shared inbox where agents may easily communicate, allocate, and track customer emails. Help Scout’s email-based help desk provides rapid and organized client contact. 

Collaboration Tools 

Help Scout features collaboration tools that enable support agents to work together and share expertise. Within the helpdesk portal, agents may leave internal comments, reference peers, and exchange information. These cooperation features guarantee that agents have the context and resources they need to give successful help. 

Categorization and tagging 

Help Scout organizes and categorizes consumer enquiries using tagging and classification features. Agents may tag and categorize tickets to make it easier to browse and filter through the ticket database. This organization method enables agents to easily discover important information and give clients with correct and fast replies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What factors should I take into account while selecting helpdesk software?

Consider features and capabilities, scalability, simplicity of use, integration options, cost, and user evaluations when selecting helpdesk software. Examine your unique company requirements and how effectively each programme fits those demands. 

Is cloud-based support desk software more valuable than on-premises solutions? 

Cloud-based helpdesk software has various benefits, including increased accessibility, scalability, automated upgrades, and cheaper initial expenses. On-premise systems, on the other hand, offer greater control and customization choices but necessitate major infrastructure and maintenance expenses.

Is it possible to combine help desk software with other corporate tools? 

Yes, most helpdesk software integrates with major company tools including CRM systems, project management software, and communication platforms. Integrations provide smooth data transmission and increased workflow efficiency.

What customer service options does helpdesk software provide? 

Customer support options like email, live chat, and phone assistance are common in helpdesk software. Furthermore, many software companies include knowledge bases, community forums, and training tools to help customers get the most out of their programme. 

How might helpdesk software assist to increase customer satisfaction? 

Customer satisfaction is increased through helpdesk software, which provides timely and efficient assistance, personalized interactions, self-service alternatives, and proactive communication. Helpdesk software’s automation and analytics tools also lead to a more smooth and happy client experience

How much does helpdesk software typically cost?

The cost of helpdesk software varies according to factors such as the number of agents, features chosen, and software vendor. Pricing models can range from low-cost monthly subscriptions to enterprise-level pricing systems. It is critical to compare price plans and select one that fits your budget and needs.


Choosing the appropriate helpdesk software is critical for firms who want to provide excellent customer service. Zendesk, Freshdesk, ServiceNow, Salesforce Service Cloud, Jira Service Management, Intercom, Freshservice, LiveAgent, Kayako, and Help Scout are among the top ten helpdesk software solutions in 2023, with a wide range of features and capabilities to fulfill a variety of corporate needs. 

When deciding on the finest helpdesk software for your company, consider features, cost, integration capabilities, and customer reviews. Each of the software options discussed has advantages and disadvantages, so consider your individual needs before making a selection. 

Remember that installing the correct helpdesk software may improve your customer support operations, increase customer happiness, and contribute to your company’s overall success.

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