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Contact Us  ⚡️  Start Your Project  ⚡️  Get in Touch  ⚡️  Launch Your Idea  ⚡️  Work With Us  ⚡️  Let’s Talk  ⚡️  Begin Your Journey  ⚡️  Grow Your Business  ⚡️  Ask a Question  ⚡️  Get Support  ⚡️  Learn More  ⚡️  Build Your Brand  ⚡️  

Contact Us  ⚡️  Start Your Project  ⚡️  Get in Touch  ⚡️  Launch Your Idea  ⚡️  Work With Us  ⚡️  Let’s Talk  ⚡️  Begin Your Journey  ⚡️  Grow Your Business  ⚡️  Ask a Question  ⚡️  Get Support  ⚡️  Learn More  ⚡️  Build Your Brand  ⚡️  

Graphic Design Services

Breathe life into your brand through extraordinary visuals with our team. We are passionate about turning your concepts into visually arresting designs that resonate with your audience.

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Design Projects

Designs Delivered

Firms Supported

Online Media Portal – atteekDefining the “New Age Media” from UI/UX to custom developed media portal. From easy to use and navigate front-end, to feature rich development for users.
Music Streaming – ThurriWe designed the UI/UX for music streaming Mobile App of Thurri. We then also performed their web and app development.
Oragisation WebsiteWe designed the UI/UX for Nandi Logix (Part of Mrisumani Group Pvt.Ltd), performed web development as well.
News Portal WebsiteWe re-designed the News portal for Samachar Samrat. Starting out with the UX improvements; specially for mobile users.
Music Distribution – DistrobridgeMusic Distribution Platform for Distrobridge Audio Aera Pvt. Ltd. UI/UX for their dashboard in the eye-soothing dark mode.

Mittal Food Beverages

AgencyBudd & Others

Event Pro

Promotional Designs – NCC NGHC Khelgaon in Hotwar, Ranchi is a ready-to-move housing society. We helped NCC Urban Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. in planning and executing the promotional designs and brochures.
Branding for ECA AdvertisingWe defined the branding for EConnect Arabia Advertising. Go through the progress and revisions until delivery.
Logo Design ProjectsAbviously we can’t put all the projects here, go through all our Logo Designs using our catalogues and case studies.
Branding for Real EstateSINDHX is one of our Partner Brands. We perform all the branding & promotional materials as well as social media designs. Go through the case study or experience SINDHX live now.
Brand Indentity at Elevated levelElevate Enterprises partnered with us for their Branding and Indentity project. We helped them with visually bespoke branding through all the designs.

Unleash Your Brand’s Roar with Feralvoice’s Distinctive Graphic Design Services

We are not just any design agency; we are the essence of unbridled creativity. Our designers bring a wild, untamed spirit to every project, infusing your brand with a distinctive roar.

  • Website UI/UX
  • Mobile App UI/UX
  • Logo & Branding
  • Social Media & Print

Untamed Creativity

Designs that break free from the ordinary

Versatile Solutions

Catering to a range of needs and industries

Yielding Best #ROI

Elevating your brand, without straining budgets

each visual Design tells a story

Immerse your brand in the energy of passion-driven designs

Feralvoice is more than a design agency; it’s a passion-driven journey where every project is an opportunity to unleash creativity without boundaries. We infuse the heart and soul of your brand into every design project, embracing the transformative power of passion-driven creativity.

Experience the power of synergy

Forge a creative partnership through collaboration

At Feralvoice, we believe in collaboration. Discover the strength of unity in design as we engage in a collaborative dialogue, ensuring that your unique perspective contributes to the vibrancy of every project. Our designers work closely with you, ensuring that your vision is brought to life in every design element.

case studies

Our design translates consistently into tangible success

Hear firsthand from those who have experienced the magic of our designs in our clients’ success stories, testimonials that encapsulate the essence of collaboration and achievement. Discover how our designs have transformed their brands and amplified their impact.

Simple & transparent pricing

Our Graphic Design Services

Choose the right service for your business

Custom UI/UX Design

Package Details
  • Initial consultation through video call
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Custom icons and illustrations
  • Responsive design for various devices
  • Best for Applications UI/UX projects

Interactive UI/UX

Package Details
  • Modern interactive UI/UX
  • Prototyping with animations
  • User journey mapping
  • Responsive design for various devices
  • Integration with latest design trends
Package Details
  • Logo design and brand guidelines
  • Business card and letterhead design
  • Social media kit
  • Email signature design
  • Packaging design consultation
Package Details
  • Initial consultation through video call
  • Name Font Generation
  • 3 logo concepts with revisions
  • Final logo in multiple formats
  • Brand guidelines
Package Details
  • Custom graphics for 10 posts
  • Coherent visual theme
  • Source files for future edits
  • Social media cover images
  • Quick turnaround on revisions
Package Details
  • Custom label design for packaging
  • High-quality mockups
  • Source files for printing
  • Color scheme consultation
  • Revisions for perfection
Package Details
  • PowerPoint / Keynotes (Upto 15 Slides)
  • Infographics and visuals
  • Template design for consistency
  • Source files included
  • Revisions for content alignment
Package Details
  • Unique and eye-catching cover design
  • Matching spine and back design
  • Source files provided
  • Compliance with publishing standards
  • Revisions round

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Leading towards the new era of Project Monitoring that drastically reduces the time and money in completing projects, while enhancing the project management experience.

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Frequently asked questions

What graphic design services does Feralvoice offer?

Feralvoice offers a range of graphic design services, including logo design, social media graphics, website banners, branding packages, and more. Explore our diverse packages tailored to meet your unique design needs.

How can I request a quote for graphic design services?

You can easily request a quote by visiting our “Create Project” page and providing details about your project. Our team will promptly review your requirements and get in touch with a customized quote.

Does Feralvoice provide UI/UX design services?

Yes, Feralvoice excels in UI/UX design for websites and applications. Our design team ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience that complements the aesthetics of your brand.

Can I combine graphic design with website development services?

Absolutely! Feralvoice offers a holistic approach by seamlessly integrating graphic design with website development. Explore our comprehensive packages for a unified and impactful online presence.

What tech stacks does Feralvoice use for UI/UX projects?

Our designers utilize industry-leading tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Sketch, and more for graphic design, and for UI/UX projects, we leverage tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, and Webflow.

How long does it take to complete a graphic design project?

The average time to complete a graphic design project varies based on complexity. Typically, our project status are updated every 24 Hours, and are delivered in under 48 Hours (Except Monthly Subscription Packages and Other Complex Opts). Contact us for a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs.

Can Feralvoice assist with website development and SEO?

Absolutely! Feralvoice offers not only graphic design but also website development and SEO services. Our integrated approach ensures a harmonious online presence that captivates audiences and ranks high in search engines.

What sets Feralvoice’s branding packages apart?

Feralvoice’s branding packages go beyond logos; they encompass a complete visual identity. We carefully craft brand guidelines, business cards, and stationery, ensuring a cohesive brand image across all touchpoints.

Is there room for customization in graphic design packages?

Absolutely! Our packages are designed to be flexible and can be customized based on your specific requirements. We believe in tailoring our services to fit your unique brand needs.

What types of businesses does Feralvoice work with?

Feralvoice collaborates with businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re a startup, a well-established company, or an individual with a vision, our diverse services cater to a broad spectrum of needs.

Question not answered above? Contact us →